Thank you to all of the teams that participated in our largest ever Diamondbucks meet on September 8th and 9th. Everyone seemed to have a great time with lots of smiles and gymnasts loaded down with goodies after shopping in our store.  We look forward to seeing you next year!

                                                          XCEL UPDATES

* It is highly recommended to purchase CODE/ IBOOK

* All beam mounts are “A” skills, even a jump to support 

* Silvers vault over SIDEWAYS RESI

* All bar angles for VP and SR are now aligned for Silver and Gold. 

      For Silver VP and SR is 45 below horizontal.  For Gold horizonal is both VP and SR

* Bar angels may now be achieved through any skill,  including, but not limited to a cast. 

     If a Diamond athlete cannot cast to 45, but can clear hip to 45, she can meet the SR

* Pullover mount can be performed from the high bar as well as the low. 

* For Silver bars an additional “A” dismount is a pike or straddle back seat circle ¾ to release        (dismount).

* Diamond can now do hecht dismounts

*  Attire  deductioin is now 0.1  not 0.2 



 Debbie Harned 1st
 Lonnie Rule 6th
 Jeni Jankowski 18th
 Fran Earles 22nd
 Heather Patrick 27th


 Kim Neal 1st
 Caren Mansholt 7th
 Lindsay Abney 9th
 Pam Evans 15th
 Pat Miller 15th
Diane Assimacoponios 21st
Cathie White 23rd​

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