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  • Xcel skill clarification: If a skill is preceded by a cast, both cast and skill receive separate VP/skill credit. A cast sole circle dismount is 2 skills. EXCEPTION: Cast squat, pike, or straddle on, also with jump to HB and cast shoot thru receives on A value part in all divisions
  • ​The Level 8 vault table has been updated. The Yurchenko timer is a 9.0 start value. Please make sure you are using the correct start chart. Vault Table.pdf
  • ​Meet referees can change your assignment at a meet if needed. Examples: if someone is affiliated or is lacking a rating, etc. Keep in mind that when a meet is assigned, the teams and session info are not always known.
  • ​Regarding assignments: Even if you are requested, a level 9 cannot be assigned to a level 10 meet, unless there are no level 10s available. Neela will give permission only if that is the case.
  • ​Please remember to act professional at competitions. Please remember your NAWGJ Cannons. If you have a genuine complaint, please discuss it with your State Judging Director.
  • ​Warm up clarification. The rule with only one gymnast on the apparatus applies to bars only. Bar settings (adjustments) are NOT included in the warm-up time: however, if a club or group of athletes chooses to block time, the clock will not stop within the block time. At all sanctioned events, only one gymnast at a time can be on the bars for any part of the warm up period (this would include timed warm ups and 30 second touch.)


1.  Deborah Sector 1st

2. Vickie Kalthoff 12th

3. Andi Snyder-Perdersen 20th


1.  Robbie Sumpter

2. Karen Udowitch 23rd

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