Don't forget to register for the clinic at Chander High School on Saturday, December 2nd.

​There will be testing this Day as well.  If you are a 4/5 judge, there will be more opportunitites to judge in the Spring if you can get your 7/8 rating.

Dec. 2, Clinic.pdf

4th - Rachelle Wolter

12th - Jen Ditmer

20th - Jennifer Drews

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After receiving a question last weekend regarding how to handle a compulsory bar routine that is spotted on almost all elements, I realized that both the JO Compulsory book and iBook were missing the following statement under General Faults and Penalties (p 157 in hard copy):

If more than half of the major elements in an exercise are performed with the assistance of the coach, then the score is determined by giving the value part credit for only those elements performed unassisted. All applicable deductions for execution and amplitude are to be taken on all elements.

Assigning begins soon for optional season Please enter your availability in the GymJAS system ASAP!


Coaches and Judges Clinic December 2nd


Jen Ditmer

An Update from Connie Maloney

October Birthdays


  • Two locations: North Valley and USA Illusions.
  • ​This is open to all levels of optional and Xcel as well as levels 4 and 5 who are wishing to use this as a mobility meet.
  • ​The registration deadline is Nov 15th.
  • Dec. 3 Judges Critique.pdf
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Optional Judges Critique Meet Dec 3rd