• Xcel skill clarification: If a skill is preceded by a cast, both cast and skill receive separate VP/skill credit. A cast sole circle dismount is 2 skills. EXCEPTION: Cast squat, pike, or straddle on, also with jump to HB and cast shoot thru receives on A value part in all divisions
  • ​The Level 8 vault table has been updated. The Yurchenko timer is a 9.0 start value. Please make sure you are using the correct start chart. Vault Table.pdf
  • ​Meet referees can change your assignment at a meet if needed. Examples: if someone is affiliated or is lacking a rating, etc. Keep in mind that when a meet is assigned, the teams and session info are not always known.
  • ​Regarding assignments: Even if you are requested, a level 9 cannot be assigned to a level 10 meet, unless there are no level 10s available. Neela will give permission only if that is the case.
  • ​Please remember to act professional at competitions. Please remember your NAWGJ Cannons. If you have a genuine complaint, please discuss it with your State Judging Director.
  • ​Warm up clarification. The rule with only one gymnast on the apparatus applies to bars only. Bar settings (adjustments) are NOT included in the warm-up time: however, if a club or group of athletes chooses to block time, the clock will not stop within the block time. At all sanctioned events, only one gymnast at a time can be on the bars for any part of the warm up period (this would include timed warm ups and 30 second touch.)

​A HUGE thank you to Janine Thompson and Oasis gymnastics. ​They designated $2 from every entry in their 2018 Cactus Cup Invitational to be donated towards the NAWGJ educational fund. ​ Thank you for investing in our continued pursuit of excellence in Arizona. ​


Denise Frantz

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