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Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

1. Each judge is responsible to keep accurate records of their CPE, including documentation of attendance at approved CPE experiences. Documentation should correspond to the hours submitted on the Annual CPE Record Form.
2. Each USA Gymnastics State Administrative Committee Chairman will be responsible for designating a USA Gymnastics CPE Coordinator. CPE Coordinators must be proficient in Excel. The CPE Coordinator will maintain a list of all the judges in the state, the number of CPE hours they complete each year, and the number of clinical hours they will carry forward to the next year.
3. Each judge is responsible for recording a summary of their total annual CPE hours by category, recorded on the Annual CPE Record Form, and submitting their form to their respective CPE Coordinator by June 30 of each year. The Annual CPE Record Form is available on-line, or may be obtained from the State Judging Director and/or CPE Coordinator.
4. The CPE Coordinator is responsible to send a master list of all judges who have successfully completed their annual CPE requirements to the USA Gymnastics National Office (JO Technical Director), the respective SJD, RJD, and the respective USA Gymnastics State and Regional Administrative Committee Chairman by July 31st.
5. If a judge does not complete all of their required CPE hours within a given year, they may apply CPE hours from the successive year to make up for the hours they were lacking. When completed, they must still send the proper documentation to their CPE Coordinator. Note that CPE hours cannot be used twice, meaning, if hours are being used to make up from a previous year, those same hours could not be applied to the current year as well. Any judge who has not completed their CPE requirements before the start of the next season will not be assigned to judge unless in the case of an emergency, in which case they will be paid $5 less per hour.
6. The National Office will conduct audits each year in October or November that will require randomly selected judges to provide actual documentation of the CPE, as reported on the Annual CPE Record Form to their CPE Coordinators