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Welcome!  Arizona NAWGJ is so excited that you are considering joining us.  Please do not hesitate to contact our State Judging Director, Jennifer Ditmer.  She will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have! Jennifer's email address is

Please review the document HERE to find information on how to become a judge.
When first becoming a judge, you will need to test to be able to judge levels 4 and 5.  The level 4/5 test is the most basic test, and only contains a written, multiple choice exam.  Once you test and pass the level 4/5 exam, you are immediately able to take the level 6/7/8 test.  This test is slightly more difficult, and contains a multiple choice and practical exam.  

The studying materials that you will need in order to be successful on the level 4/5 test is the Woman's J.O. Compulsory Book. The book is available in a hard copy here.  An electronic copy can also be purchased here.  To ensure you pass, be sure to study the order of the routines, how much each skill is worth, and the penalties in the back of the book.  Also, it is imperative that compulsory rated judges know the "text", or the way that the routines were originally choreographed. 

For the level 7/8 tests and above, judges will need the J. O. Optional Code of Points.  In order to pass the 6/7/8 test, one must know the special requirements for each level, each skill's letter rating, how many A, B, and C skills are required for each level, and the general deductions.

Before taking the test, you will need to become a member of USAG.  If you are over 18 years of age, you will need a professional membership.  Click here to sign up for USAG.  In order to judge a competition, you will need to have an active USA Gymnastics membership, including a background check and safety certification.  Once you pass your test, you need to become a member of NAWGJ.  This is our governing body, and allows you to be assigned to meets.  Go here to become a member of NAWGJ.


  • USA Gymnastics Membership
  • NAWGJ Membership - (AZ NAWGJ will pay for this)
  • Background Check
  • Safety Certification
  • Safe Sport Certification
  • J. O. Compulsory Book
  • J. O. Optional Code of Points (If you are judging the optional level)
  • Xcel Code of Points
  • A Great Attitude!

Sounds like a lot, but we will get you set up with Kim Neal, our Judge Mentor, and she will help you navigate all the steps.

If you need to test in at Level 4/5 or are wishing to test up to the next level, all levels of all tests are being offered at NAWGJ Symposium in Ft. Worth, TX and USAG Region 1 Congress in San Diego.  You can register for either of these tests at 

We also have a tentative date for a test here in Arizona. 

--Friday, September 6, 2019 at Sunrays Gymnastics

The September 6 date is not on the USAG site yet, so you cannot register yet.  If you are interested in testing on September 6, please email Jennifer Ditmer.