JUNE 2017

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APRIL 2017

A successful season is coming to an end, and a big thanks for all your hard work, professionalism, and, for those of you who filled in last minute, it was greatly appreciated!  Your NAWGJ Board met a few weeks ago and set the dates for the fall Judges Diamond “Bucks” meet, Optional Judges Critique, and upcoming clinics and testing.  Don’t forget to get your CPE’s to Andi, coachandi29@aol.com, if you have not already done so, and if you have any recommendations for changes to the new code, please send to Neela, justahopin@aol.com, by May 15.

Caren Mansholt and Kim Neal for being added as judges for XCEL Regionals in California.
Dianne Grayson for being selected to judge Level 9 Westerns, and Donna Payne for JO Nationals!
Arizona for qualifying 22 gymnasts to JO Nationals.  


     $ - The profit for the Judges Diamond “bucks” Fundraiser meet held January 7, 

          2017 profit was $9,033.00.  Thank you again for your participation!

     $ - Active judges will have their $60.00 NAWGJ annual dues paid by July 2017.

     $ - AZ NAWGJ covers up to $150.00 per judge annually for their registration or

          fees related to an official USAG sponsored clinic or conference.  Please send

         receipts to Nita Boyer, nita123@cox.net, for reimbursement.

Robbie Sumpter will be offering a class in August for any new judges or those interested in testing up a level.
Debbie Harned is our AZ – NAWGJ mentor if you have any questions regarding membership, education requirements etc.
Don’t forget to keep current with your background check, safety certification and USA Professional Membership!




Arizona Judges,

Hope everyone had a safe and fun summer. And for those of you who attended the National Congress and Olympic Trials I’m sure it was awesome and the Rio Olympics should be spectacular to watch. Go USA! Your NAWGJ State Board met over the weekend to plan and organize the September Clinic and Judges Diamond bucks Meet, September 10-11. You will be receiving an Evite for sign-up. There is no cost to attend the clinic and you will receive CPE hours. We are crossing our fingers for 100% participation! The clinic is being held at Chandler HS and the meet at Gold Medal Gymnastics. If you need a place to stay on Saturday night please let know.  If you did not attend the Diamond bucks meet last year to receive your green judge’s shirt let me know your size by August 10 and I will make sure to get one ordered for you. The plan for the meet is to have 2 sessions on Saturday starting at approximately 2:30 and 5 sessions on Sunday. If you volunteer for 5 sessions you will be paid $100 and if you are there for all 7 you will be paid $200. All judges NAWGJ dues were paid and you will get your registration paid to one clinic or Congress per  year up to $150.00.

The assigning committee would like to get the fall meets assigned but many of you have not entered your availability and we are already short judges for certain weekends. Please do this ASAP if you want to be assigned to a meet! If you did not complete your CPE’s you will not be assigned until you are current.

Robbie Sumpter has started judging classes for those new judges or anyone wanting to test to the next level. If you are interested contact her at 602-275- 7024. A test is being offered on Friday, September 9, at Chandler HS. You can register on the USA Gymnastics site. Another test will be offered in December. Date TBD. Schedule for classes at Robbie’s house:

Compulsory – Mondays 10am Level 9 – Wednesdays 1pm Level 10 – Fridays 1:30

Vanessa, who monitors our website, is continually updating the site. Please log on frequently to stay current and see the judge of the month, the monthly quiz, forms for judging, and much more. You will receive an email alert when new information has been added. Our website is www.nawgj.org. Also continue to check the national NAWGJ site for updates. Remember to keep your profile updated with any address, phone or email changes.

The National Judges Cup 2017 is January 2-8, in Virginia Beach. AZ NAWGJ will select and send 2 lucky judges. Those interested will be asked to sign up at the General Meeting/Clinic in September. 

Your State Board,
Pam Evans – SJD/Assigner, Neela Nelson – Ethics/Clinician, Nita Boyer – Treasurer, Caren Mansholt – Secretary, Dianne Grayson – Assigner, Lindsay Abney – Assigner, Robbie Sumpter – Education, Andi Snyder-Pedersen – CPE, Vanessa Behm – website, Debbie Harned – Judges Mentor, Donna Payne – Judges Meet Director​


1.  If you are a level 9/10 judge, please send your availability for Level 9/10 Regionals, April 7-9,  to Cindy Lord at cindylordrjd@gmail.com.  

2.  If you registered for Congress you should have received a confirmation this week.  You can also find that on your profile page with USA Gymnastics.  

3.  Please remember to enter your fall availability into the judging site for the fall.  There is a meet in August as well as many gyms who will be asking for judges for their Intrasquads.

4.  Don't forget to mark your calendars for our Fall Clinic, Friday Sep. 9, and Diamond "bucks" meet, Sep. 9-10.  More info on these soon.​​

5. View the Region 1 Calendar Here.

​MAY 2016

​​1.  The total profit for our January Diamond “bucks” meet - $22,045.76!!!   Thanks for everyone’s hard work to make it such a success.  Our next Judges meet is September 10-11.  It will be Compulsory only. We had a cool leotard designed with our logo which we will purchasing for the store as well as many more items.  We won’t run out this year!  Plan to have the store well stocked.  Tentative plans for the weekend are as follows.

Friday, Sep. 9, 6pm @ Chandler High School – Test given – all levels
Sat, Sep. 10, 8-11am @ Chandler High School – Clinic
Sep. 10-11 – Judges Diamond ”bucks” meet – time and place TBD

2.  Our Optional/Xcel Judges meet will be January 7-8.

3.  A reminder that AZ. NAWGJ pays for all active judges NAWGJ dues.  Also paid is registration for one clinic per year.  This includes National Congress, Regional Congress and any other sanctioned clinic.  Judges will also be paid $50 for any session judged at our judges’ meets after one session volunteered. 

4. The 2017 National Judges Cup will be held in Virginia Beach the same weekend as our Optional Diamond” bucks” meet.  We will be sending 2 judges from AZ.  They will be selected by the State NAWGJ Board and announced at the September Clinic.  If you are interested in attending and representing AZ. Please email me ASAP.

5.  The State Recognition Awards Banquet is June 8, 6:30-9.  More information about the banquet can be found on the azgym.net website.  The NAWGJ Board agreed to begin awarding a gymnast annually at the banquet.  This year’s recipient will be Cassie Stevens of Arizona Sunrays for her Courage and Determination for finishing her level 10 session at Regionals after suffering an injury on bars, her third event.  She ended up placing 2nd AA, qualifying for JO Nationals.  The award will be titled the “Heart of a Champion”.  The board also voted to provide a memento to Debby Farrelly as the outgoing State Committee Chair for her dedicated years of service. 

Have a great summer,



1. There is a testing date of January 9th.  Sign up here.  If you are interested in getting more assignments, or to start judging higher levels, this is a great way to do it!

2. Reserve your hotel for National Congress ASAP.  Many hotels are already booked up because 2016 is an Olympic year.  If you are going to National Congress, make sure you book your hotel soon!

3. Keep your availability updated.  Many individuals are not able to judge events they were once available for, and we are short on available judges.  If you are no longer available for a meet that you were assigned for, please contact Pam IMMEDIATELY so that she can find a replacement.  

4. PRACTICE JUDGE!  It isn't fair to the gymnasts, who have been spending hours in the gym, if you aren't prepared.  Make sure to get in contact with gyms to practice judge so you can brush up before the first meets of the season.  Also, the more seasoned judges love to help newer judges.  They will be more than happy to watch videos with you and help you brush up on your practical judging skills.  All you have to do is ask!

5. Review the updates for J.O. AND Xcel.​  There are a lot of new updates!  Click HERE to be brought to the updates section.


No news is good news! ​

​1. We would like to CONGRATULATE Caren Mansholt for passing the level 10 test!  We are so proud of you!

2. Interested about digital judging or judging on your tablet?  Click here to learn more!


It was great to see so many of you at the State Compulsory Clinic and Social!  A few notes and reminders!

1.  Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the 2016 Judges Diamond “bucks” Meet.  We need everyone’s help.  Also, if you have a resource for donations or low cost items for our Diamond “bucks” store please let me know.  We will have a Compulsory Judges meet with the same format in the fall (planning on the end of August).

2.  The next testing date will be Oct. 31, at 10am.  I am working on the location and it should be on the website shortly.  There will be a second test opportunity Sat. morning, January 9, before the Judges meet.

3.  CPE’s – Are due by July 10, 2016 to Andi.  You can always send earlier so she doesn’t receive everyone’s at the same time.  Those of you that needed to complete hours, send your updated form in ASAP.

4.  Educational money and Opportunities for the fiscal year, Nov. 1, 2015-Oct. 31, 2016 are as follows.

    * NAWGJ dues paid yearly for all active judges

    * Volunteer one session of the Judges meet, $50 for all other sessions worked.

    * Registration paid for one clinic per year (i.e., Regional Congress, National Congress, out of State Optional clinic etc.).

5.  Spring assigning will begin shortly so if you have not entered your availability please do so.  For those of you testing, please put your availability in as well.   If you have a current rating, you can be assigned to meets with that rating.  If you do not have a rating, you will be used as alternates or for any meets not assigned prior to the results of your testing.  I would recommend that you take the opportunity to practice judge during that time.

6. If you are interested in attending the Region 1 Base Score Clinic, Please see the save the date here.
7. New AZ NAWGJ Board Meeting Minutes posted in the About section.  Find the minutes here.

Pam Evans AZ-SJD


Welcome back!  As you know, the fall season is upon us.  Just a few reminders:

1. Don’t forget to RSVP to the Compulsory Clinic.  The clinic is on August 29th, and is free to all NAWGJ members.  This is the perfect opportunity to get CPE credit hours, get current on the new compulsory updates, catch up with your peers, and learn.  The Compulsory Clinic is one you won’t want to miss!
2. We have officially transitioned onto an online assigning system!  In order for this system to keep current, and to allow for accuracy when assigning, it is imperative that you keep your personal information up to date.  Sign on to the assigning system, and click the “update your information” button.
3. Mark your calendars! AZ-NAWGJ’s largest fundraiser – the AZ Judge’s Cup will be on January 9-10 2016.  We have a new competition format this year.  Check out this flier for more information.  Please try and spread the word about this fun, new competition.
4. Fall availability has been finalized.  Be sure to go on to the assigning website to accept your assignments.  Also, make sure you update your spring availability, as the assigning committee will assign for the spring season in September.
5. Any new judges can now get basic new judges information on our website!  Feel free to reach out to our new judge liaison Debbie Harned at debbiedawnharned@yahoo.com.  Our next test date is October 31, 2015.  Robbie Sumpter will be holding classes for anyone wanting to test to the next level.  Her classes will begin on September 15th for new judges wanting to take the compulsory test, and September 16th for new judges wanting to take the optional test.  If you are interested in taking the classes with Robbie, email her at sumpterrobbie@yahoo.com.  Please refer to the calendar and new judges page for more information.
6. Your State judging board had a meeting on August 1, 2015.  Read the meeting minutes here.